For companies of any size ‘to cloud or not to cloud’ is a question that has been top of mind for CIOs and CTOs for years.  So, is there a straight-forward answer on how to successfully leverage cloud that doesn’t seem reactive?  This is the first in a series of blogs where we will explore how to make data-driven decisions to embrace what will replace the server under your desk or in the data closet.  Cloud will be the standard for the next 20 years.  This fact is not up for debate.

Brian Cawelti, myself and other teams had to solve for a great deal of these issues to move business application to a cloud posture.  Brian and I were on the same team that owned the first Azure (Microsoft’s cloud solution) applications within Microsoft.  He is also my partner in these blogs on cloud and by day, a highly successful Seattle cloud consultant.

You need to first understand where the savings are with changing your apps to cloud apps.  Otherwise – why go, right?  The biggest savings is about using a tighter server footprint, being able to turn off servers when you don’t need them and entire online services when you no longer need them.  There are various enhanced values and engineering opportunities for you too but we know you care about cost first as a reason to move.   Everyone does.  Start understanding your current server costs and the value of turning things off in 30 days could do for you!

More soon from Berggren & Morant Consulting and Brian Cawelti on cloud decision making!