Business operations, marketing and technology strategies managed by senior level experience partners working alongside your teams. Start-ups and experienced executive teams remain focused on core business innovation and valuable customers rather than operational distractions. High impact technology, online media and marketing strategies propel your business forward to the next level in revenue.

Berggren & Morant connections become your new enterprise-worthy network.


Alie Berggren (Meinhardt)

Founder / Partner

After working for a local enterprise technical company for over 20 years Alie has a wide array of skills and experience. By nature she is creative, curious and a connector of people and businesses which pair perfectly with her marketing and media trusted consultant role. Her extensive area media network provides your business with impact and access to best in breed products. She lives on the Eastside with her teenage son (he who shall remain nameless) and her 2 dogs (Bronte & Murphy) all of which bring her much joy.

Celia Morant

Founder / Partner

A CIO/COO for hire specializing in enterprise skills and strategy for companies of all sizes. Grounded in enterprise data center, transport and infrastructure (cloud), with expertise in program management, SCRUM certified and able to create innovative and open cultures for operational excellence. Celia is known in the industry for her ability to deliver quick wins and meet present business demands while anticipating the technology and processes of the future. Celia lives on the eastside, has a husband and three children and can be found rowing on sunny days.